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Experience the Highest Quality of Water in Boise, ID and the surrounding area

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Improve the quality of the water inside your home by reaching out to AquaKlear Filtration, which proudly serves McCall, ID Boise, ID and the surrounding areas. Founded by engineer Darrell Cobbs, our water filtration business uses his engineering background and custom manufacturing facility to provide an advantage over the competition.

While other water filtration companies may get their equipment from the Midwest or East Coast, where the water chemistry makeup is much different, our devices are built in the Rocky Mountain area and specifically designed to treat the water found in the mountains of Idaho. As a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), we’re committed to conducting ourselves with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, all while providing the public with quality water. Ready to install water systems at both residential and commercial properties, there’s no job that’s too big or small for AquaKlear Filtration.

Gutter Installation

Water Softeners

By having us install a new water softener at your home, it will extend the life of your appliances and reduce repair costs that are generated by hard water.  
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Iron Filters

Ensure your drinking water is safe and ask about an IronKlear Filter. In addition to filtering iron and manganese, it’ll remove rust and sulfur from your drinking supply.       
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Specialty Services

Trust our dependable technicians to help with any special requests. Whether you’re dealing with too much arsenic or excess natural gas, let us install a system to purify your water.    
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Gutter Cleanout

Protect Your Family's Health

We also offer free water tests, so contact our business today to schedule a free water analysis at your property. If there’s too much iron, arsenic, bacteria, hard water, or natural gas in your well water, it will show up in our water quality checks. If tests come back positive, we’ll install a water filtration system that guarantees exceptional results.

Protect your family’s health by having your water checked. We’re ready to visit any home or business in Valley County or the surrounding areas, so let us know if you’d like your water examined. Rest assured that we have a water filtration system that’s specially built to resolve any issue you may have.

Our Products


Iron, Manganese, Sulfur smell , iron/sulfate bacteria

Arsenic, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium  

Rust stains, Foul odor, Iron bacteria

Soft-n-Klear Salt Saver

We use high efficiency resin that uses 20% less salt and up to 50% less water to regenerate. Better for the environment and saves 156 lbs. of salt per year in a typical household.

Salt saving technology 
Protects plumbing and appliances
Improved hot water efficiency
Brighter clothes and less detergent
Softer hair and less shampoo and conditioner


Whole house carbon filters to remove chlorine and other organic compounds. Chlorinated water is necessary to sanitize city water until it is in you house. Having chlorinated water in your house is like using chlorinated pool water to drink, shower/bathe and do your laundry.

Immune system 

Chlorine kills your gut flora and causes digestive problems affecting overall health.


Arsenic is removed by a combination of duplicate systems, either two ASM10 filters in series or a salt backwashing ion exchange system followed by an ASM10 Filter


Our base unit is Soft-n-Klear and still uses the same top of the line Clack components but uses a commercial grade resin. 10% crosslink resin lasts up to twice as long as competitors 8% crosslink resin systems. Combine a Soft-n-Klear water softener with one of our ChloriKlear whole house carbon filters for a home free of hard scaly and chlorine free water for healthy clean water for the whole house.


Systems sized from under sink, whole house to industrial systems. For home drinking water we recommend our ChloriKlear carbon filters. 
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